Industrial Hemp Growers


We are excited that so many have chosen to grow industrial hemp in North Carolina. Below you will find updated information and quick links for prospective and certified growers in North Carolina.

Need more help? The NCIHA is available to provide professional assistance, guidance, and advice to members that are also growers. Please visit the Join Us page for more information on becoming a member today.


PLEASE NOTE- The North Carolina Industrial Hemp Commission was established to issue licenses allowing a person, firm, or corporation to cultivate industrial hemp.

The information below on “Applications Pending Review” is provided courtesy of the NC State Extension Industrial Hemp program and is mirrored from the page

Next Meeting to Approve Applications

Applications Pending Review for January meeting
(List Updated 01/27)

Tiffany Jacobs
Landon Scott Dail
Donald Milton Gray
Amy Catherine Hamilton
Robert Patrick Robbins
William Jeffrey Simpson
Adam Michael Huneycutt
Larry Joseph Vargas
Kyle Becton Hardy
Alexander A Guess
Mark Graham Ward
David Thomas Mcgee
Dorothy K. Everette
Martin Kelly McLeod
Sue Braswell Vernon
Sanjun Gu
Maria Bernadeth Christopher
Adam Joseph Brownwell
James E. McKnight
Everette Bridges
Tammy Butler Peterson
Harry Neil Moore
Herman Douglas Batten
Benjamin Seth Grandon
John Canty Melvin
James Edward Jones
William Todd Norville
Grace Carol Summers
Elizabeth Dabney MacLean
Bryan Richard Fleming
James Michael Pack
Larry Deleon Pope
Richard Kyle Stotesberry
Steve Michael Cox
Calvin Cornelius Mooney
Ronald Scott Glasscox
David Bryan Cox
Samuel F. Cox
Ron Ervin Cottle
Frank Cain Snow
Joey Michael Hocutt
Laura Ann Reid Livingston
John B. McEverett
Douglas Martin Foster
Eric Jefferson Pierce
Jessie Bryan Davis
Timothy Edwin Yarbrough
Thomas Fulton Wooten
William Norris Chapman
Bennie Williams Barwick
Ronald Clayton Pridgen
David Henry Rouson Sr.
Efferson Bass
April Hall Robertson
Barry Jennings Huffman
Larry Garland Smith
Gary Gene Dellinger
Christopher Jason Thomas
Garland Wyatt Whitford Jr.
Joseph Thomas Pilgreen
Gregory Allen Rouse
Michael Eugene Wilson
Jay Edward Barker
William Allan Newton
Frank Douglas Fowlkes
Ron William Richmond
Bradley Dwight Van Staalduinen
Dennie R. Martin
Edward Ronald Lunsford
Craig William Vaughan
Chandler Tunstall Currin Jr
Blake Edward Currin
Claude Elwood Hamlett Jr.
Charles Bert Raby
Robert Curtis Davis
William Earnest Dalrymple II
William Earnest Dalrymple Sr.
Robert Bruce Smith III
Alton Hardy Roberson
Anthony Gene Barefoot
Samuel Taylor Carson
Andrew Taylor Carson
John Wiley Carson

If the Industrial Hemp Commission votes ‘yes’ to approve your application, you must pay all licensing fees before you will receive your license.