Industrial Hemp Growers


We are excited that so many have chosen to grow industrial hemp in North Carolina. Below you will find updated information and quick links for prospective and certified growers in North Carolina.

Need more help? The NCIHA is available to provide professional assistance, guidance, and advice to members that are also growers. Please visit the Join Us page for more information on becoming a member today.


PLEASE NOTE- The North Carolina Industrial Hemp Commission was established to issue licenses allowing a person, firm, or corporation to cultivate industrial hemp.

The information below on “Applications Pending Review” is provided courtesy of the NC State Extension Industrial Hemp program and is mirrored from the page

Next Meeting to Approve Applications


Applications Pending Review for December/January meeting
(List Updated 11/20)

1.) Robert L Thompson
2.) Robert A Wright Jr.
3.) Sarah F Smith
4.) Jonathan R Whitley
5.) Joseph Stilley
6.) Michael K Weeks
7.) Brooks B Bunn
8.) George R Crawford
9.) Frank S Dail
10.) David J Bolger
11.) Deena K Wade
12.) Andrew H Wheeler
13.) Warren S Ramseur
14.) Ann Rose
15.) Leland D Jackson

If the Industrial Hemp Commission votes ‘yes’ to approve your application, you must pay all licensing fees before you will receive your license.