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1. Is hemp legal to grow in the state of North Carolina?

Not yet. In short, the law established the definition of hemp and a commission (see the law here). Hemp is legal to grow in the state of North Carolina if you are a participant in the pilot program.

2. How do I become a participant in North Carolina’s pilot program?

In order to participate in the pilot program, individuals or businesses must fill out an application and obtain a license. The application process will be established once the commission is formed as stated in the law. This license shows the state that you are in compliance with the guidelines established by the commission.

3. What or who is the commission?

The commission is the regulatory body that was established by S.B 313. It consists of 5 members ( The Commissioner of Agriculture or the Commissioner's designee, a municipal chief of police, an elected sheriff or the sheriff's designee, a full-time faculty member of a state university who regularly teaches in the field of agricultural science and a full-time farmer with at least 10 years' of experience in agricultural production in NC) and 2 full time employees. The duties of the commission include, but are not limited to, creating the rules and regulations, developing the licensing procedure, verifying hemp seeds or plants are under 0.3% THC as established by law, obtaining necessary import permits for hemp seed, and distributing pilot program licenses to participants.

4. Why should I join the North Carolina Industrial Hemp Association? 

As a member of the North Carolina Industrial Hemp Association, you will receive valuable information on hemp licensing, cultivation, processing, extracting and manufacturing in North Carolina. We will provide expert knowledge on the best hemp crop for your area and a buyer or seller for your crop, product or service. Members will also receive discounted ticket fees for our events throughout the year. Members who have received the "voting member" status will help shape our legislative policy from year to year. Join now!

5. Is hemp insurable in NC like other crops?

Not yet. The industry is still in its infancy. The market must establish itself but insurance companies are looking closely at the industry.

6. What's in it for me?

Anyone donating to the commission/association will receive direct instruction about the License Application Procedure Process (LAP Process) once established by the commission via our website and if you join the NCIHA as a voting member ($500), you will receive direct instruction on every aspect of hemp from legally obtaining the seed to assisting with the sale of your crop, service or product.


Additional Benefits for you when you join NCIHA include: 

Professional Coaching on Hemp, where to concentrate your efforts (Fiber, Seed and/or Oil) and potential profits

NCIHA networking contacts including industry experts and key members of NC commerce to facilitate sales of your crop or product

Helping establish a new industry in North Carolina

Access to superior genetics and/or technologies dependent on your specific interest

NC Industrial Hemp Association Newsletter

Immediate Legislative Updates regarding Hemp

Free or discounted entry into the NCIHA conference(s)


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